Courses Taught

Juvenile Delinquency: This course focuses on the sociological study of juvenile delinquency in the United States. Specifically, the course examines theoretical traditions in criminology as they relate to juveniles and explores empirical research on juvenile delinquency and the juvenile justice system. The goal of this course is to think critically about the sociology of juvenile delinquency.

Criminology: This course introduces the sociological study of crime by examining research and theory as related to crime, deviance, and the criminal justice system. Specifically, this course is a survey of the causes and consequences of crime and the means taken to cope with criminal behavior. Emphasis is placed on the social context of crime, including examination of the reproduction of inequality through the criminal justice system.

Social Deviance: This course emphasizes that deviance is a socially constructed phenomenon. It approaches the study of deviance from a variety of sociological and social-psychological theoretical perspectives. Using a constructionist lens, this course focuses on how the label ‘deviant’ varies across place and across time.

Principles of Sociology: This course is intended to introduce and implement a sociological perspective in the analysis of social phenomena. It focuses on theoretical traditions in sociology and introduces sociological research methods. In particular, the course focuses on inequality in society.